Important Message

  • Thursday, 5th October, 2023
  • 13:28pm

Dear Customer,

We hope you've been enjoying our services, we appreciate your continued support. We just wanted to keep you informed about some important updates....


While we've tried to avoid it for as long as possible, we find ourselves needing to make some changes. Due to increased supplier costs and our move to a new data center, we'll be making a small price adjustment of just £0.01, starting on December 1st, 2023. The good news is that this change will make our VAT-inclusive pricing neatly rounded to whole GBP. For instance, £1.99 will become £2.00, £2.99 will become £3.00, £5.99 will become £6.00, and so on. We want to assure you that we're trying very hard to prevent any further increases in the near future.


In addition to this change, we've been hard at work improving our services to provide you with an even better experience. Here are some of the key improvements you can expect:

Server Upgrades : We'll be upgrading our servers (currently underway) until April 2024, ensuring a seamless transition with no disruptions.

Out with the Old : As you would imagine, as we move to our new data center, we'll be retiring our old hardware. If your site currently runs on a standalone server, it will be converted to a more powerful and resilient virtual server running on a custom-built cloud infrastructure over the next few months. This move allows us to provide you with an unrivalled experience.

In with the New : Cutting-edge AMD CPUs, ultra-fast NVMe disks, and double the memory (RAM) on all hosting plans, ensuring that your websites will perform better than ever.  If you have 2GB RAM showing in the right-hand column of your cPanel you've already been upgraded.

Backup Layer: We now use Storpool for our 3 Tier backups and redundancy layers, Storpool keeps copies of your data stored across hundreds of NVMe disks, offering exceptional performance and reliability.

A Summary of Benefits for You :

  • Enjoy the latest CPU technology.
  • Double RAM
  • Lightning-fast NVMe disks
  • Multiple backups and redundancy for peace of mind
  • Prices neatly rounded up by just 1 pence to the nearest whole pound, making it cleaner and simpler

We hope you see these changes as positive enhancements to your experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, and we're dedicated to delivering on that promise. We don't want to be just another hosting company; we aim to stand out and build our reputation as one of the best.

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of our journey. We value your trust and couldn't do this without you.

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